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Brake Repairs and Replacement

Have you noticed a high-pitched squeak every time you apply your brakes? Perhaps you notice that you have to apply your brakes just a little harder than you used to? Maybe you even hear grinding metal as you drive or when you brake? If you have noticed any of these signs or if your brakes “catch” or “slip” call us immediately. Your brakes may be ready to go out.

Replacing brakes is something that most people think very little about until it is too late. Don’t fall into the trap of neglecting your brakes until the damage is already done. We can inspect your brakes and find out what needs to be done before anything goes wrong.

Here are only a few of the services we offer for brakes:

With your brakes, you can never be too careful. So, before something goes wrong, give us a call and let us inspect and/or repair your brakes before its too late. Don’t take chances, call to schedule an appointment today!